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PayCargo and Nallian forge strategic partnership

image credit: omni logistics

PayCargo, the logistics payment platform, and connected cargo solutions specialist Nallian has announced their strategic collaboration aimed at accelerating and streamlining air cargo management.

By integrating Nallian’s slot management solution with PayCargo’s efficient payment platform, customers will benefit from a system to optimize every aspect of the freight pick-up journey.

This will eliminate truck wait times, shorten dock turnaround, improve staff planning, and reduce administration.

Freight forwarders and trucking companies schedule a time slot at the cargo handler using Nallian’s Truck Visit Management System to pick up or drop off freight.

The PayCargo platform will streamline all payments and transactions related to import cargo.

Upon arrival, drivers no longer have to wait but can immediately proceed to the dock door assigned to them.

This integrated approach enhances operational efficiency, enables faster cargo release, and reduces paperwork and administration.

Eduardo Del Riego, CEO of PayCargo, comments: “We are thrilled to partner with Nallian to offer an integrated solution that addresses the evolving needs of the air cargo industry.

“By combining our expertise, we enable our customers to streamline truck visits, accelerate payments, and achieve greater success.”

Jean Verheyen, CEO of Nallian adds: “We are committed to driving innovation and delivering value to our customers.

“Our collaboration with PayCargo represents a strategic alignment of our shared vision to raise the bar for efficient, paperless freight management.

“It will allow our customers to better coordinate activities so they increase efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.”