Early September in the enchanting city of Bangkok marked an important occasion in the calendar for those within the Air Cargo Handling sector. Eva International Media organised the 7th annual Air Cargo Handling Conference at the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok, hosted by Worldwide Flight Services and Bangkok Flight Services. Three days of festivities including working groups, one to one meetings, focussed presentations and lively panel discussions ensured all attendees were kept thoroughly up to date from the great and good of the industry.

It was important to address the recent tragedy that took place 3 weeks prior to the event, where sadly 20 innocent people died, with 120 people injured at the popular Erawan shrine, not far from the Shangri-La in Bangkok. Respects were paid by all those in attendance and the fact the conference went ahead, showed the solidarity of the industry to not falter in the face of terrorism and political unrest we’ve seen too often throughout the world.

The show ran alongside the ULD Care conference, and started off with five concurrent working groups. Each discussing key issues within ULD’s, messaging bottleneck, e-AWB implementation, CEIV pharma and industry training. Those who attended the sessions, praised the inspirational debate that culminated in thought provoking ideas. These ideas, noted by each of the group leaders, will be collated and distributed amongst the delegates in order to strive towards their collective goals.

Date: 01st - 03rd Sep 2015
Time: 12am UTC