The Cool Chain Association’s 2nd Pharma and Perishables conference in Dallas, Texas: a two-day conference split between dedicated days on the transportation of perishables and pharma.

The event produced a varied, impassioned and productive set of discussions with a clear directive – there is no time to wait. Better, tangibly defined and more accessible standards must be put in place and met – our lives literally depend on it.

​Are perishables treated with the same care and dedication as pharmaceutical products when transported by air cargo? That was one of the fundamental questions on the mind of the Cool Chain Association’s chairman, Stavros Evangelakakis on the first day of the conference – arguably no, according to members of the board. The industry has a responsibility to change this.

​The event, with the support of American Airlines Cargo, SkyCell, dnata, Air France KLM and the conference host, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, provided an industry-best platform to discuss the issues of the industry.

​The Cool Chain Association will put its foot down when it comes to promoting sustained, healthy progress in the transportation of perishable and pharma cargo. Specifically, it was said that the industry, for the sake of all its customers, treat perishable cargo with the same care, respect and transparency as we do pharma.

The pursuit of new and emerging markets such as South American and Africa will be crucial, as will be delivering exactly on the key expectations of shippers.

​Until the next show!

Date: 03rd - 05th Dec 2017
Time: 12am UTC