Nippon Cargo Airlines grounds all freighters

Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) has temporarily suspended all freighter operations after it found one “inappropriate maintenance record”.

The Japanese freighter airline said it concerned the lubricating oil supply to the aircraft parts for JA14 KZ at Tokyo Narita International Airport on 3 April, 2018. Flights stopped departing from Narita on Saturday (16 June).

In a statement, NCA said: “In an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of our operation, we decided to temporarily ground all aircraft until all maintenance records have been confirmed appropriate.

“Details are under investigation, and we expect at least about one week to confirm the aircraft safety.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and worries we caused our customers. We will do our utmost effort to check safety for resuming operation as quickly as possible.”

NCA operates a fleet of 11 freighters and moves freight to the US, Europe, China and Singapore.