Nippon Cargo Airlines extends suspension of freighter services

Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) has extended the suspension of all its freighter operations as it said it will take longer than it originally expected to verify that all maintenance records are accurate and complete.

The Japanese freighter operator stopped all aircraft from 17 June after it found one “inappropriate maintenance record”.

NCA said in a statement: “At that time, we anticipated that the suspension of the operation would last “at least about one week”. However, the verification of the records will take longer than originally expected.

“Since we will not restart the network until we can conclude the record checking process, the first aircraft will resume operation in more than another week. The rest of the aircraft operation will resume in sequence as soon as the aircraft safety is confirmed.”

Flights were suspended as NCA was concerned the lubricating oil supply to the aircraft parts for JA14 KZ at Tokyo Narita International Airport on 3 April, 2018.

NCA operates a fleet of 11 freighters and moves freight to the US, Europe, China and Singapore.