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New Tower Control Center portal enhances pharmaceutical shipments

Tower Cold Chain has announced the launch of the Tower Control Center (TCC) – a single-source portal providing customers with advanced control over temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments.

The custom-built platform is designed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies, airlines and 3PL providers by enhancing the overall user experience with advanced control and functionality.

Customers can now plan their shipment’s journey with the Tower Control Center’s innovative simulation tool.

This functionality enables users to simulate the internal temperature of any container across any journey, ensuring meticulous planning and adherence to temperature-sensitive requirements.

Additionally, the robust tracking feature provides real-time data on the location and temperature of their shipment, offering valuable insights for enhanced visibility and control throughout the entire logistics process.

Furthermore, customers can explore and compare Tower’s diverse range of passive solutions, facilitating informed decision-making tailored to individual shipment requirements such as size and temperature.

The platform also enables efficient order management by allowing users to download essential documents, including invoices, providing quick and easy access to critical information.

Samuel Durham, Delivery Lead – Customer Products at Tower Cold Chain, “With a Tower Control Center account, not only can you quickly find what you need, but it also provides you with enhanced access to the data you require, ultimately helping to achieve zero product loss.”

Niall Balfour, Chief Executive Officer at Tower Cold Chain, “Our Tower Control Center is designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of our users, making it an integral part of our service offering in temperature-controlled logistics.

“The Tower Control Center is a testament to our dedication to cold chain innovation, and we are committed to continually enhancing its features to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”