New Boeing 737-800BCF joins Texel Air fleet

Texel Air 737-800BCF

Texel Air has welcomed the newest addition to their fleet – a Boeing 737-800BCF. Freshly converted in China and leased from AerCap, this aircraft marks a significant upgrade for Texel Air, replacing their oldest aircraft and promising enhanced service for our passengers.

The arrival of the Boeing 737-800BCF signals a new era for Texel, as they bid farewell to the B737-300F, affectionately known as “Samantha”.

Texel has christened the new aircraft “Samantha 2.0” to symbolize the continuation of a legacy while embracing modern advancements in aviation technology.

This strategic move enhances operational efficiencies within the airline and allows Texel to provide even greater service and flexibility to their valued clients.

Texel Air stated: “Samantha 2.0 does more than just replace an older aircraft; it unifies our global fleet to an all-New Generation B737 fleet, driving further efficiencies within our airline.

“This significant upgrade provides enhanced capabilities and broader destination access, offering our valued clients even greater service and flexibility.

“The new 737-800BCF is now available for charter, promising more capacity, improved efficiency, and expanded opportunities to serve our valued clients better than ever.”