MAC First to Operate the new C408 SkyCourier

MAC First, a regional airline based in the United States, announced that it will be the first operator of the new C408 SkyCourier aircraft.

The C408 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft developed by Textron Aviation, which is expected to enter service in 2022.

The C408 SkyCourier is designed for cargo and passenger operations, and can carry up to 19 passengers or 6,000 pounds of cargo.

The aircraft features a high-wing design and a large cargo door for easy loading and unloading of cargo.

The C408 also has a range of over 1,000 nautical miles, making it ideal for regional operations.

MAC First plans to use the C408 SkyCourier for cargo operations in the United States, and will also offer charter services to customers in need of regional transportation.

The airline has ordered 50 C408 SkyCourier aircraft, with options for an additional 50.

“We are excited to be the first operator of the C408 SkyCourier,” said John Smith, CEO of MAC First.

“This aircraft is the perfect solution for our cargo operations and we look forward to providing our customers with reliable and efficient transportation services.”