Lufthansa Cargo pens order for two Boeing 777F

The Supervisory Board of Deutsche Lufthansa has approved the order of two Boeing 777 Freighters for Lufthansa Cargo after financial performance picked up in the last 12 months.

The German cargo carrier will get delivery of the two new aircraft in February and March 2019. Both are newly built aircraft each will take-off from the Boeing plant in Seattle headed for Germany.

Lufthansa Cargo said the investment reflects the financial success of the carrier. With its C40 efficiency program and Cargo Evolution strategy, the airline initiated a comprehensive future program two years ago.

Lufthansa Cargo chief executive officer, Peter Gerber said: “The Boeing 777F is not only the world’s most powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly freighter, it is also a visible sign of our modernisation strategy.

“With the growth of our Boeing 777 freighter fleet, an important milestone has been reached on our way to forming a company for the next generation.”

Further projects to drive forward the modernisation of the airline are already being implemented.

The infrastructure at the Hub in Frankfurt is being modernszed substantially, and a new CoolCenter is under investment at the Hub in Munich. The freight crane is also advancing the digitization of the entire process chain.

Lufthansa Cargo customers benefit from the enormous range of the twin-jet aircraft. With a full payload of 103 tonnes, the aircraft is able to stay in the air for 10 and a half hours. It covers a distance of more than 9,000 kilometres non-stop.

The modernisation of the fleet also significantly reduces the burden on the environment. The specific CO2 emissions of the Boeing 777F are almost 20 percent lower than those of the existing MD-11 freighters. Lufthansa Cargo is taking the next major step towards achieving its ambitious environmental goals.

The use of the “Triple Seven” is also good news for residents living close to the airport. The brand-new jet is much quieter than other cargo aircraft in its class. Lufthansa Cargo stands by the commitment to noticeably reduce noise pollution for local residents.