Lufthansa Cargo markes air cargo capabilities on spot market

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Lufthansa Cargo is to market its air cargo capacities on the spot market using the digital platform

Lufthansa Cargo enables forwarders digital booking of global air freight capacity in the spot market at live spot rates with immediate confirmation through the platform, the provider of an airline-independent digital platform for marketing and booking of air freight capacities, and Lufthansa Cargo seal their cooperation with a cooperation contract.

Lufthansa Cargo is thus opening up a new digital sales channel for the spot segment. The globally available capacities of Lufthansa Cargo will be integrated into the offering for this purpose.

The partnership between and Lufthansa Cargo enables air freight forwarders to book available air freight capacities for td.Flash and td.Pro completely digitally and in real time across the entire available route grid of Lufthansa Cargo.

The platform available at offers customers an up-to-date online offering. All important information about the connections as well as the real capacity-dependent and dynamic live spot rates are clearly displayed. For each connection, numerous alternatives are displayed at a glance so that the optimal offer can be found quickly.

“Digitization allows information to be distributed around the globe in fractions of a second. This has given rise to new expectations with which both carriers and freight forwarders are confronted. We are therefore now offering our customers the opportunity to exchange prices and capacities even faster and to book services even easier,” says Peter Gerber, chairman of the board of Lufthansa Cargo.

“Booking platforms such as will in future support forwarders in meeting their customers’ needs even better. This is the next logical step in the digitization of our industry.”

“We are pleased to partner with Lufthansa Cargo as the leading air cargo airline in our mission to make air cargo bookable digitally and in real time. Many solutions on the market promise digital bookability. The reality is that in most cases the rates offered do not give access to capacity.

In particular at times of high demand, our solution offers air freight forwarders a quick and easy access to capacities with immediate confirmation at live spot rates”, said Oliver T. Neumann, founder of