Lufthansa Cargo continues to rely on the cargo handling services of Vienna Airport

Lufthansa Cargo has extended its contract with Vienna Airport

Lufthansa Cargo has extended its contract with Vienna Airport for cargo handling services until the end of 2028.

Lufthansa Cargo has been relying on the cargo handling services of the Austrian capital’s airport since 2010.

In addition to general cargo and mail, temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments and hazardous goods in particular are routed via Vienna.

The cargo airline currently connects Vienna Airport with over 1,000 flights per week to 127 destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Lufthansa Cargo therefore utilizes the cargo space of Austrian Airlines.

The location is also used as a hub for a comprehensive network of road feeder services, primarily to the CEE region.

Julian Jäger, Joint CEO and COO of Vienna Airport: “Vienna Airport offers a high level of quality not only in passenger and baggage services, but also in cargo handling.

“We are therefore pleased that we can gain the trust of Lufthansa Cargo and continue our good cooperation for the next five years.

“With efficient handling processes, fast turnaround times and a broad range of services, we are well positioned in the cargo sector and see high growth potential, especially with our Pharma Handling Centre.”

Theresa Schlederer, Director Austria at Lufthansa Cargo AG says: “Vienna Airport is an efficient east-west hub with fast turnaround times.

“This makes it one of our most important hubs in Europe. The handling service includes 24/7 customer service, monitoring, and weekly quality checks.

“Thanks to this reliable and close cooperation, we can offer our customers fast and easy access to the freight markets, primarily in Southeast Asia.

“The airport’s Pharma Handling Center also provides ideal conditions for our growing tonnages in the pharmaceutical sector.”

At Vienna Airport, Lufthansa Cargo benefits from a modern infrastructure, very short distances, and fast customs clearance times, which significantly shortens handling times.

Within the Lufthansa network, Vienna Airport is therefore both the most punctual hub and the hub with the fastest handling and transit times.

Warehouses and truck ramps provide fast and direct access to Vienna Airport’s dense road feeder network, which enables 23 countries to be reached in just 36 hours.

Michael Zach, Head of Handling Services at Flughafen Wien AG says: “With a tonnage share of almost 40 percent in 2023, Lufthansa Cargo is Vienna Airport’s largest customer.

“The contract extension is therefore of great importance and, together with the top results for handling speed and efficiency, is a confirmation of our quality and a clear signal to the market.

“We are very grateful for the trust placed in us and will continue to do our utmost to further develop our services with a focus on our customers”.