Lufthansa Cargo and WorldACD Market Data celebrate partnership of 20 years with renewal of their agreement

Lufthansa Cargo and WorldACD

Exactly this week 20 years ago marks the moment that Lufthansa Cargo and WorldACD started their air cargo market data journey.

Lufthansa Cargo was one of the early movers and among the first airlines to join WorldACD.

Frank Bauer, CFO and labor director of Lufthansa Cargo during the contract signing at transport logistic in Shanghai said: “We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our subscription to WorldACD’s market data.

“As a data-driven company the completeness, depth and reliability of WorldACD’s market data are essential for our commercial decision making and improve our strategic planning,”

Ken de Witt Hamer, CEO of WorldACD Market Data said: “We look back on a very pleasant and productive co-operation with Lufthansa Cargo, and we look forward to the next 20 years of working together.

“We particularly like the engagement of the staff at Lufthansa Cargo: they keep us on the tip of our toes, and continue to make suggestions for further innovation, which contributes to WorldACD’s product development,”.