Lufthansa Cargo and CHAMP Cargosystems commit to adopt ONE Record as an open data sharing standard

At this year’s transport logistic trade fair in Munich, Lufthansa Cargo and CHAMP Cargosystems have announced to actively drive the transition towards ONE Record.

To support a widespread adoption of a modern data sharing, both companies commit to implement the ONE Record standard within their respective IT infrastructures as a basis for interchanging data via 1R in the future.

As a first step to modernize the industry’s data exchange infrastructure, both companies plan to providing an open, ONE Record-based shipment tracking API later this year.

Beyond this, both companies commit to implementing the fundamental capability of processing shipment data via ONE Record.

ONE Record is a modern and free data sharing standard for the transportation industry.

It is developed in a collaborative effort of the industry, orchestrated by IATA, to overcome the limitations of the current data exchange system.

After years of piloting and partial operational implementation, ONE Record is finally ready for rollout on a broader scale.

“Data is crucial to our industry’s success, but we have been hindered by outdated data formats and legacy infrastructure for too long,” said Ashwin Bhat, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.

“ONE Record has the potential to revolutionize the way we share information. It opens the door for a fundamental production optimization based on high quality data sharing.”

“CHAMP is committed to accelerate the adoption of IATA ONE Record across the transportation industry worldwide,” says Chris McDermott, CEO of CHAMP Cargosystems.

“We believe that this open data sharing standard will break down the silos of information and improve operational efficiency thanks to better data accuracy and completeness.”