Lufthansa Cargo and upgrade to strategic partnership

Online booking portals are becoming increasingly important in the air freight industry. Customers prefer to quickly and easily check and compare offers from various cargo airlines and select the service that suits them best for the transport of their goods.

In response to this customer demand for more transparency and comparability, Lufthansa Cargo and the booking platform are joining forces in a strategic partnership: On, with utmost efficiency, forwarders will find live offers, compare and book general cargo, passive pharma and perishables. Each is offered in (standard speed) and td.Flash (high priority) speed.

In addition to the Lufthansa Cargo website, which continues to be available to customers in full as a central information and booking platform for the entire product range and maximum of digital processes, is proving to be an attractive addition with optimized search and booking functions for General Cargo up to ten tons in particular.

Thanks to easy navigation, customers can find suitable options with just a few clicks in the menu navigation and benefit from a structured overview in the presentation of available services according to airline, route and prices.

The booking platform has already been on the market for five years and its functionality, based on a very well-developed algorithm, is precise, user-friendly and firmly established on the market.

On this marketplace, forwarders can find the broadest Lufthansa Cargo offering from nearly all markets.

With its mature “best” offer recommendation algorithm, provides a distinguishing tool supporting the offer comparison for the customer, complementing it with classic capabilities to browse through a list of options and compare them.

Also the booking process with the default auto assignment of new AWB numbers is as highly appreciated as the booking confirmations and the booking update, respectively transport monitoring.

Lufthansa Cargo and will collaborate and bring new innovations, features and processes for more forwarder efficiency first at

Such close collaboration was already piloted last year with the introduction of the AWB auto assignment.

There the complete redesign of the AWB stock process, made stocks obsolete resulting in increased productivity and complexity reductions for customers.

Customer adoption for that feature has become outstanding at, proving that the joint mission of redesigning the business processes to more digitalization and simplicity is a change effort worth pursuing.

“Our customers value digital services that help them being utmost efficient,” said Ashwin Bhat, Chief Commercial Officer at Lufthansa Cargo.

“Hence, we recommend them to use as the marketplace to retrieve live offers, compare and book.

“We are pleased to now offer the channel to more than 90 percent of our customers.

“The ambition of to have maximum offer quality and confirmed bookings, providing maximum ease of use is paying off in an improved customer experience.

“At the same time, we are continuously expanding our pioneering role in the field of digitalization with our partner.”

Moritz Claussen, founder and Co-CEO of, added, “The expansion of Lufthansa Cargo’s excellent capacity on is great news for our thriving user base of many thousands of forwarders in all corners of the world. and Lufthansa Cargo teams are further combining their expertise to co-innovate and provide new and exciting ways to drive value and success for freight forwarders”.