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LogiPharma launches annual playbook featuring big pharma data and insights

LogiPharma launches annual playbook

Artificial Intelligence (AI), agility and sustainability are key issues facing the life sciences supply chain, according to LogiPharma’s annual Playbook.

Now available for download, the Playbook provides data and insights and showcases the top trends, challenges and industry-leading solutions to help keep ahead of the curve.

Launched just ahead of LogiPharma 2024, taking place in April in Lyon, France, the new report also unveils research findings from a recent survey conducted by LogiPharma.

Drawing responses from 150 Heads of Supply Chain and Senior Executives across the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, the Playbook presents a comprehensive industry analysis.

It also features expert commentary and data insights from esteemed partners such as Kinaxis, One Network Enterprises, Tive, YuanTing Cold Chain and members of the LogiPharma community.

Key findings from the survey reveal a pressing need for adaptable planning processes, with 57 per cent of supply chain leaders prioritising enhancements in supply chain capabilities.

Additionally, the trend of AI continues to gain momentum, with industry leaders focusing on using this technology to enhance supply chain planning (74 per cent) and bolster risk management (55 per cent).

Arie Moruanx, Senior Director Strategy & Digital Transformation at Johnson & Johnson commented: “AI is such a big topic and is opening brand new possibilities for the industry.

“In addition to the top areas listed above, I want to point out the opportunities to use AI to clean data and use innovative data management solutions to fast-track code set-up.

“The effects will be undeniably positive on the launch time for new products.”

LogiPharma will be further exploring the impact of AI in a dedicated AI report due later this year.

The Playbook also explores how to address challenges, including strategies for balancing risk and fortifying resilience against disruptions, alongside harnessing the transformative power of data analytics.