Lödige Industries equipped new handling facility at Brisbane Airport

Lödige Industries, the world’s leading provider of cargo terminal solutions, has completed the installation of comprehensive technical equipment for a new ULD handling facility at Brisbane Airport.

The material handling system for the new nearly 5,000-square-metre facility was designed to meet increasing customer demand for perishables in the cold chain and support the growth of general cargo in Queensland.

The new air freight terminal in Brisbane will start operations in 2023. Lödige Industries’ handling solutions meet the latest requirements for sustainability and labour safety while maximizing operational efficiency.

The new system includes truck docks, for the ease of loading and unloading cargos to different types of trucks, an intelligent and efficient transport system consisting of several roller decks, castor decks and ball decks including ram protection as well as elevating workstations.

Furthermore, the equipment provided can handle temperature-sensitive perishable goods and comply with safety regulations for work with forklift operations and labour work in the immediate vicinity of the facility.

The truck docks as well as the elevating workstations are completely electrically powered which fits the sustainable approach of the new Brisbane air cargo terminal.