Liege airport had ‘exceptional’ year for cargo in 2017

Cargo business worldwide saw overall growth in 2017, driven by strong economic performances in Europe, but also by the emergence of new e-commerce opportunities.

All the Liege-based operators have made progress. In addition, two new airlines – Air China Cargo and Air Bridge Cargo – have joined Liege Airport.

“This was a record year because we had never achieved such a tonnage since Liege Airport came into being in 1990. This confirms the relevance of our strategy of support for full cargo companies”, explains Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport.

Liege Airport has accelerated its investment programme in order to support the growth of companies and handlers: “One 6,000 m2 cargo hall will be in operation within the next few weeks, and more than 20,000 m2 will soon be built, as well as 4 new parking stands for large aircraft. It represents a major investment of more than 50 million euros creating, as a result, several hundred jobs”, Luc Partoune specifies.

Real estate activity is handled by the subsidiary, Liege Airport Business Park: it has also been very successful, with a 97% occupancy rate for office space and 100% for warehouses. An architecture competition will be announced shortly to design an office development in the immediate proximity of the passenger terminal.

It should also be mentioned that 192,000 passengers were carried in 2017 and that the number of flights remained steady at 37,199 in 2017.

The net income is expected to amount to 2.4 million euros.