LATAM Cargo transports 196 horses for the 2023 Pan American Games

A total of 196 horses for Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing competitions will be transported by LATAM Cargo to and from Chile to participate in the 2023 Pan American Games and then return to their homes.

Through a complex operation, and in just three weeks, horses from the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, and Paraguay were transported on B767F cargo planes and subsequently transferred to their respective stables and sports centers.

The company transported 91 horses to Chile to participate in the international tournament, and after the competitions are concluded, 105 horses will return to their countries of origin on the same cargo planes.

“For us, it is an honor to be part of this major sporting event that is ‘Santiago 2023,’ and for equestrian federations to choose us as their trusted option for transporting the horses they will use in the competitions,” commented Juan Pablo Márquez, Senior Cargo Operations Manager in Chile for LATAM Cargo.

“It is a recognition of our extensive experience in this type of transportation, our logistics, and the specialized personnel that allows us to provide top-level handling to ensure the well-being of these animals.

“We will continue working to deliver a service with the highest quality standards for our customers.

The logistical process behind this transport began three months before the sporting event, involving the coordination of a series of details such as optimal routes, stables, horse teams, and professional caregivers accompanying the horses, in compliance with the rigorous procedure offered by ALIVE, animal care as part of LATAM Cargo’s product portfolio.

The horses are attended to throughout the flight, receiving proper supplies of water, forage, and food, with constant attention from highly trained veterinarians to accompany them during the journey.