LATAM Cargo Strengthens Its Operation in America

The LATAM Cargo Group announced new adjustments to its itinerary to benefit its customers and mitigate the impact that the COVID-19 has generated in the passenger operation. On this occasion, the company announced the incorporation of two destinations to its network of cargo flights to meet the needs of its customers.

Both the city of Los Angeles (USA) and Mexico City (Mexico) were added to the LATAM Cargo network because they are relevant markets for its clients. They will form part of the Santiago (Chile) – Lima (Peru) – Los Angeles (USA) – Mexico City (Mexico) – Lima – Santiago route. With two weekly frequencies, it will support the transport of perishables to the United States and will promote the supply of electronic products, among other products, from USA and Mexico to South America.

The current environment is stressing supply chains across the globe. We want to prove our clients that we remain committed to their success. This new freighter operation replaces the passenger capacity that was critical to key clients. As strategic partners, we moved swiftly to offer them a new alternative and we intend to continue doing so in the markets that require it”, commented Andrés Bianchi, CEO of the LATAM Cargo Group.

Specifically, LATAM Cargo will offer mango exporters in Peru and salmon exporters in Chile a greater transportation capacity to the West Coast of the United States, an area known for being one of the main centers of salmon consumption in the country. In addition, Los Angeles offers a better connectivity to the Asian continent, a market that has increased its demand in recent years becoming a relevant destination for salmon.