LATAM Cargo opens pharma hub in Denmark

LATAM Cargo has opened its 10th global hub and second offline in Copenhagen, Denmark to meet strong demand for transporting pharmaceuticals.

From its strategic location, the new hub since the 1 September will feed the Amsterdam-Viracopos-Santiago; Brussels-Montevideo; Amsterdam-Brasilia; and Frankfurt-Guarulhos routes.

This the carrier said will improved the service provided to pharma companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden by offering a better option to ship medicines and vaccines to patients in Latin America.

LATAM Cargo said: “The new Copenhagen hub is proof of our commitment to continue leading the transportation of pharma products from, to and intra Latin America.

“In 2017 we were the first to receive the CEIV Pharma certification in the Americas this being said, we continue to work and expand in order to provide offline markets in Europe with more connections to more destinations in Latin America, with the highest quality standards.

“The offline hub will have regular GDP-compliant refrigerated truck service to ensure the best transportation standards for sensitive pharmaceuticals such as medicines and vaccines.”