Cargo Handling

Joloda Hydraroll launches Joloda Air Cargo Equipment

Michele Dematteis, CEO at Joloda Hydraroll and Steve Hamilton, Managing Director at AirTech

Joloda Hydraroll Ltd, material handling and global loading and unloading solutions specialist, has today announced it will expand further into the air cargo industry with the launch of a new business branch, Joloda Air Cargo Equipment.

The move, which includes a strategic partnership with AirTech Innovations, will see Joloda Hydraroll design, manufacture, install, and service a complete range of equipment for air cargo handling operations, both airside and landside.

AirTech Innovations is a leading specialist in air cargo handling systems, with a particular focus on airside operations.

Joloda Hydraroll is known in the industry for its landside loading and unloading solutions.

The company works with many global air cargo handling operators throughout the supply chain, supporting them with the handling of air freight in the Road Feeder Service (RFS) and in the loose parcel-shipping market via its sister company, Joloda Conveyor Services.

The combined offering will mean that global suppliers can now rely on Joloda Hydraroll for every aspect of their air cargo operations.

Companies can benefit from an extensive portfolio of trailer, warehouse, and conveyor solutions for loading and unloading air cargo, as well as services and expertise, from a single provider.

As of April 2024, Joloda Hydraroll will focus on customers in European and Asian markets, while AirTech Innovations will service those in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Michele Dematteis, CEO at Joloda Hydraroll, commented: “With the launch of our new business unit and strategic partnership with AirTech Innovations, we are excited to expand our solutions and help our air cargo customers unlock even greater value and efficiency from an increasingly complex global supply chain.

“Our powered roller bed loading and unloading systems for trucks and trailers are already used in cargo hubs around the globe, so the move into airside truck and warehouse solutions was the logical next step.

“Now, equipped with a complete range of air cargo handling systems, we look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to offer them an unparalleled service.

“Our combination of global knowledge and local services makes us the best partner to meet our customers’ needs.”

Steve Hamilton, Managing Director at AirTech Innovations, said: “With Joloda Hydraroll’s growth history, growth projections, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and project installation professionalism, we are pleased to set up this alliance and contribute to a one-stop-shop that will support the growth of air cargo handling operators around the world.”