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Jettainer signs ULD Care Code of Conduct

Unit load device (ULD) management and outsourcing company Jettainer is one of the first signees to support the new ULD Care Code of Conduct.

The Lufthansa subsidiary says the ‘Ten Rules for ULDs’ are primarily intended to help reduce preventable damages to air freight containers and pallets through awareness-raising work and proper handling of loading equipment could save the industry millions in annual repair costs.

Jettainer says the rules list recommendations for correct handling including information on proper loading, adequate transport and the exclusive use of intact containers. As a result, ULDs are to be perceived more clearly as important components of the air freight transport system which are largely responsible for load securing and, thus, for ensuring flight safety.

Jettainer director of global operations and ULD Care board member, Frank Mühlenkamp said: “The ULD Care Code of Conduct is an important step towards raising awareness of this topic within the industry. We fully support these efforts and are pursuing further approaches to reduce avoidable damage, for example through our JettCare program.”

Through its JettCare program Jettainer has so far been able to train several thousand ground handling employees worldwide in a specially designed “ULD-X-Perts” training course. In doing so, the focus is laid on correct storage as well as proper handling of the units.

ULD Care is a Canadian non-profit organization, which started as a committee of IATA in 1971 and has been working independently since 2011. The company has committed itself to establish regulations and awareness for an adequate handling of ULDs within the global transport chains.