Japanese cargo community signs with CHAMP for new distribution platform

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Cargo Community System Japan (CCSJ) has today signed an agreement with CHAMP Cargosystems to provide a new cloud-based air cargo messaging system that includes IT infrastructure, an operational messaging platform and customer invoicing.

CHAMP’s chief executive officer, Arnaud Lambert and CCSJ’s president, Kazuo Hirabayashi marked the agreement at an official ceremony at CHAMP’s headquarters in Contern, Luxembourg.

CCSJ is the sole cargo community Ssstem in Japan connecting all participants (airlines, freight forwarders and handling agents) in the national airfreight market.

CHAMP is operating the largest global cargo community system on a state-of-the-art messaging and integration platform and was able to demonstrate to CCSJ how its solution can be customised to meet the current and emerging needs of the Japanese air cargo community.

Lambert said: “It is truly a privilege to have this opportunity to deliver high-quality service to CCSJ.”

He added: “With our friends of the Luxembourgish and Japanese states present, CHAMP welcomes the added economic ties between our two great economies. It is an honor to provide the technology for the next chapter of CCSJ’s air cargo mission in driving digitization across the Japanese air cargo community.”

Hirabayashi said: “After much deliberation and thought – and because of this distinguished position, its dedication to the advancement of air cargo technology – CHAMP is well suited to bring CCSJ’s transformation to fruition.”

CCSJ has had a long-term relationship with CHAMP, through its Traxon product line, where both companies have been collaborating by connecting the Japanese market to the international air cargo community.