Hong Kong to screen cargo away from airport

Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department (CAD) has launched the Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facilities (RACSF) Scheme for screening air cargo at off-airport locations.

This is part of a move to further enhance aviation security and in response to the rising threat of terrorism, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has issued a policy direction which states that all air cargo should be subject to security screening by 30 June 2021.

Air cargo security screening in Hong Kong mainly takes place at airport cargo terminals but to meet the ICAO requirements and cope with high volumes, it will be necessary to screen air cargo at off-airport locations.

CAD has been working closely with the air cargo industry in enhancing the air cargo security regime to meet the new international aviation security requirements and said it will enable air cargo to be screened at the existing warehouses or similar premises of the air cargo industry before being transported to the airport for loading onto aircraft.

The operation of off-airport air cargo screening facilities has to meet specific security requirements in terms of screening equipment, training and supervision of screening personnel and site security.