HKIA three-runway system on track

Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) chairman Jack So Chak-kwong visited the reclamation work site of Hong Kong International Airport’s three-runway System (3RS) this week where he was briefed on the progress of construction and said good progress is being made.

Since the start of the 3RS construction, the AA has been working on reclamation to accommodate the airport’s third runway and related infrastructure.

The AA has been using deep cement mixing (DCM) to improve ground conditions for areas located over contaminated mud pits. DCM works have progressed well and are approaching substantial completion.

In addition, land can now be seen in the area north of the airport’s north runway as works on the seawall progress, with two kilometres of seawall already above sea level.

So said, “We have been making good progress since construction works for the 3RS began in August 2016. We are confident that all 650 hectares of land – an area equivalent to 34 Victoria Parks – can be completed in another two years’ time.”

Speaking to CAAS in July, chief executive officer Fred Lam said the runway is set to be built by 2022 and the rest of the construction programme at HKIA finished in 2024.