Hermes’ goes live with cargo management system H5 in Vietnam

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has gone live with its new Cargo Management System (CMS) version called Hermes 5 (H5), at ALS Cargo Terminal Co (ALSC) at Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam.

H5, which will be rolled out globally, future proofs Hermes’ CMS application by modernising its framework to allow for simpler integration with new technologies and opening up Hermes through APIs and new messaging channels.

Additionally, the ability to run within any Cloud, private or public, makes H5 simpler to implement for Cloud ready customers.

ALSC and its customers benefit from a faster and more controlled service, with hand-held device functionality, intelligent warehouse task steering and real-time Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring.

“Our new version offers ALSC bespoke, pre-advice messaging between its hub and satellite warehouses to gain key task visibility and efficiencies in cargo transfer times,” said Yuval Baruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Hermes Logistics Technologies.

“In driving the ALSC implementation, the HLT team of cargo and technical experts provided on-site support to ALSC contributing to successfully getting the system live with a number of its customers.

“The preparation and training towards this go-live, as well as working together shoulder to shoulder with the ALSC team during the go-live week, enabled ALSC to independently roll out its remaining airlines efficiently and on schedule, with remote support from Hermes.

“We provided best-in-practice process framework for the handling of sensitive and special cargo, in addition to a wealth of Big Data that is used to effectively analyse and demonstrate the quality of service provision.”

H5 is the latest version in a suite of Hermes’ applications and includes HERMES Cargo Management System (CMS), HERMES Hub Management System (HMS) and HERMES Business Intelligence (HBI).

“With the vision of becoming the pioneering cargo handling terminal in the region, ALSC chose H5, the newest version of Hermes’ CMS,” said Le Thanh Binh, Deputy Director, ALS Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd.

“Thanks to the support from Hermes, from business study to on-site and remote support, we have successfully implemented the new system for all of our customers.

“The innovative design of H5 brings us a new experience in terms of service provision, performance control and user interaction.

“We strongly believe that under the customer-oriented leadership of Mr. Yuval Baruch, HLT and Hermes 5 shall continuously be upgraded to offer a competitive advantage to our Terminal and bring more value to our Airline, Consignee and Shipper customers.”

Hermes recently appointed Alexis Labonne as its new Chief Technology Officer to lead the Hermes team in rolling out H5.