Cargo Handling

Hermes 5 SaaS selected by Georgi Group for German air cargo operations

Hermes Logistics Technologies

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has signed a contract with the Georgi Group to deliver its latest cloud-based cargo management system, Hermes 5, to the company’s two cargo handling facilities in Germany.

Known for its road feeder services across Europe, Georgi also operates cargo handling services at Frankfurt and Leipzig/Halle airports, and specialises in handling sensitive cargo, including high-value pharmaceuticals and hazardous shipments.

Yuval Baruch, CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies said: “The Georgi Group is a well-established logistics company, and we are pleased to be able to support the digitalisation of their cargo handling facilities in Germany–by opting for our Hermes 5 cloud-based solution, Georgi is preparing for future business growth and advances in technology, and future-proofing their cargo management services.

“We are ready for a quick roll-out with our new, fully-automated implementation process, and have updated our online training service–the Hermes LMS–to provide on-demand tuition in German.”

HLT is set to introduce its cloud-based Hermes 5 SaaS cargo management system (CMS) in two phases, starting with Frankfurt and supported by a new, German-language version of the Hermes Learning Management System (LMS).

Benjamin Weil, CEO of Georgi Handling, said: “We were impressed by HLT’s innovative solutions and proven track record in rolling out quick, successful implementations–we have been working closely with the team to tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of our operations.”

“Hermes 5, specifically the cloud-based CMS, gives us the flexibility we need to fit our growth strategy–we can add options later or easily scale up operations if needed.”