Hamburg Airport begins using DAKOSY Air Cargo Community System

Hamburg Airport is one of the first airports in Germany to introduce the FAIR@Link Air Cargo Community System from software developer DAKOSY at its air cargo centre.

FAIR@Link is a neutral, IT-supported air cargo community system that enables all companies involved in freight handling processes – in particular handling agents, forwarders, truckers and airlines – to optimise and accelerate their transport and freight processes for both import and export.

Customs, security, dangerous goods and supply chain management processes are also supported – in many cases even automated. The pilot project is initially planned to start at Hamburg Airport Cargo Centre on 6 May.

“I’m pleased that we can implement the pilot project at Hamburg Airport Cargo Center together with our experienced partner DAKOSY,” said Alexander Müller, head of cargo at Hamburg Airport.

“I’m certain that the standardized early data exchange between the process participants made possible by FAIR@Link will create great added value for everyone. The pilot project will provide us with conclusive results for the processes at our air freight center.”

UIrich Wrage, CEO of DAKOSY, is also convinced that FAIR@Link will make air freight processing at Hamburg Airport even more efficient: “Through intelligent process support and networking, FAIR@Link provides the ideal basis for further optimising the physical processes between companies involved in air freight processing and for achieving significantly faster and more transparent processing.”

The goal of introducing FAIR@Link is to standardise and optimise processes at Hamburg Airport Cargo Centre. This will shorten handling and wait times in the air cargo centre, increase transparency along the transport chain and also minimise errors and costs by avoiding duplicate entry of data.

A particular advantage is that the system prepares the Customs release and can automatically transmit it electronically upon entry into the Hamburg Airport Customs area.

Another important aspect is the Door Management System: as part of the pilot project, time slots are booked for the delivery of goods to the air freight centre. The delivery company as well as the handling partner of the airline can thereby plan coordinated schedules for the delivery of goods.

As a result, drivers can reduce wait times on site and dispatchers can more easily plan for necessary capacities. It’s also a step towards protecting the environment: digital processes use less paper.

FAIR@Link will initially be used at Hamburg Airport in a four-month pilot project. In this phase, the project partners will concentrate on export processes.

In addition to the initiator Hamburg Airport and the software provider DAKOSY, the project participants include the forwarding agents CROSS FREIGHT, Delta Stallion, a.hartrodt and Sable, the airline handling partners LUG and Swissport, the Hamburg Airport Customs Office and the Hamburg Freight Forwarders Association.