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Group Concorde during the pandemic, ‘never ever give up!’

Established in 1985, Group Concorde has been an Avant Garde customised and tailor-made solutions provider to Airlines with more than 3 decades of experience in Airline representation (GSSA).

Born as a Freight Forwarder in 1985 have now become a hallmark Aviation Industry Specialist in Airline Representation.

Currently Group Concorde is representing 25+ leading International Airlines Globally with 15 International offices and 37 Branch Offices in 23 cities in India.

With years of experience and dedicated customer centric approach we have a proven track record of delivering stellar results for our business partners. 

During pandemic as an industry, we went through lot of challenges specially the decline in capacity which created an unprecedented demand for never imagined medical and pharmaceutical supplies from Asian markets.

Group Concorde played its role to ensure the reliable capacity available in its major market to lead its business partners for a continued revenue growth.

Flying cargo on passenger seats played a key role during the global lockdown and witnessed a significant surge in cargo movement.

The airlines converted its aircraft into P2C operations which resulted in higher throughput.

Continuous reinvention has been our ability to seamlessly adapt to the changing needs of our business. 

Continuous reinvention has been about agility and innovation in our services to deal with these unprecedented times.

Recently, some governments started easing travel restrictions in the later part of 2021 as Covid-19 vaccination programmes got under way, lifting international passenger volumes in December to 2.57mn, or 7.6pc of 2019 volumes.

But the emergence of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 put the brakes on any recovery.

Group Concorde has proven itself to be a key revenue generator for their business partners even during the chaos and duress of a global pandemic with a promise to evolve to be stronger and a reliable service provider in the years to come.