Cargo Handling

Ground handler LACHS to go live with Nallian slot booking app

Liège Air Cargo Handling Services (LACHS) is streamlining its air cargo delivery and pick-up process by implementing Nallian’s ‘Slot Booking for Air Cargo’ application.

The collaborative app will connect LACHS with its customers and enable it to adopt a coordinated approach to a traditionally manual and fragmented process.

Automatic matching of slot supply and demand and efficient information exchange will allow the ground handler to avoid peaks and idle times and eliminate waiting times for its customers.

LACHS specialises in complex and standard cargo and every year more than 200,000 tonnes of cargo are being managed at its facilities at Liege Airport. Planning of pick-ups and deliveries used to be a manual process largely based on phone calls, which was time consuming and resulted in fragmented information.

Limited process visibility together with a large number of unpredictable deliveries and pick-ups resulted in peaks and idle times for the ground handler, long waiting times for its customers and regular congestion of the cargo zone.

As part of their continuous search for improvement and innovation, fueled by an ambition to professionalise their business and the sector, LACHS is now redefining this process using Nallian’s slot booking app.

The collaborative application is connecting all stakeholders, enabling LACHS to make time slots available according to its capacity, and freight forwarders and trucking companies to book slots according to their needs.

All relevant information regarding the shipments is submitted in a structured manner via the online portal or a system-to-system communication. Automatic matching of slot supply and demand together with the pro-active data-exchange will enable LACHS to better plan staff and resources and smoothen peaks and idle times. Its customers will enjoy eliminated waiting times and faster handling at the gates.

LACHS chief executive officer (CEO), Yossi Shoukroun said: “We have reviewed several solutions and Nallian’s Slot Booking application has convinced us by its user friendliness and wide range of parameterization options.

“We are highly specialized in complex cargo handling, such as perishables, pharma, animals etc., so being able to specify which times slots we make available for which type of cargo and facility is of great added value to us.

“We are convinced that the application will allow us to make better use of our existing capacity and deliver our customer a better service.”

Nallian CEO Jean Verheyen said LACHS is very committed to driving their business forward and it is pleased the ground handler is putting their trust in Nallian to help them “bring their cargo processes to the next level”.

He added: “Our Nallian for Air Cargo Suite, of which the Slot Booking app is an integral part, has been designed by and for air cargo stakeholders with exactly this purpose in mind. Designed to cope with real-world situations, it has already proven its worth at other airports and we are pleased to now bring its benefits also to LACHS.”