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Gebruder Weiss rolls out specialist warehouse services in China

Gebruder Weiss has rolled out specialist warehouses services in China after expanding its facilities.

The Austrian logistics company as recently opened new warehouses in Chongqing and Chengdu, which are both mutli-usage and equipped with the sophisticated oWMS – the orange warehouse management system.

The company said the decision to open warehouses in Chongqing and Chengdu was a “logical one” as both cities are important business centres in Western China. The facilities will meet demand for supply chain of companies in industries such as furniture, automotive, fashion and more.

Gebruder Weiss general manager in China, Yongquan Chen said: “Gebruder Weiss manages a global warehouse space of 626,109 square metres. In the main transport hubs of Greater China, we currently operate 13 warehouses with a space of 50,000 square metres.

“In the coming five years, we want to add new locations and expand the storage area significantly.”

Chen added: “Many export and import oriented businesses make use of the infrastructure of these logistical hubs. Now, these companies can benefit from oWMS and the logistics solutions of Gebruder Weiss.”