Fraport and DAKOSY partner up to establish new, digital cargo community system

Fraport and software provider DAKOSY have announced a new joint venture to establish, operate and develop its Cargo Community System for air freight transport.

The coalition will further develop with ‘allivate’, a platform which aims to digitalise air cargo processes both at Frankfurt Airport and internationally.

Martina Schikorr, of Fraport, and Dirk Gladiator, of DAKOSY, have been appointed as managing directors. Both the airport and software providers have a 50 per cent stake in the platform.

The companies said the main goal of the venture is to further expand the jointly-established FAIR@Link Cargo Community System.

With the founding of allivate, Fraport said it demonstrates a strong commitment to the cargo business.

Schikorr said: “A functioning digital infrastructure is a must-have for every modern cargo hub. We want to offer our customers the best cargo community system possible so that their processes will run simply, smoothly and quickly.

“More than 1,000 participating companies are thus given the commitment to have Fraport alongside DAKOSY as reliable partners for digital infrastructure and, with allivate, one central point of contact on site.”

Pictured: Dirk Gladiator (left) and Martina Schikorr (right)

Fraport and DAKOSY believe customers will benefit from the synergies resulting from the alliance. Fraport contributes comprehensive airport know-how and its function as a neutral link to the local cargo community and the authorities.

Meanwhile, DAKOSY adds a wide-ranging IT expertise in all aspects of cargo handling and customs clearance as well as many years of experience in the development, operation and technical support of the Cargo Community System – made in Germany.

For Gladiator, the processes of air freight handling and digital infrastructure are inextricably linked: “We are pooling our strengths and can therefore launch innovations and digital solutions onto the market faster.

“The active role of the cargo community in Frankfurt plays an important part, as together we jointly develop all digital processes along the supply chain there.”

At the Frankfurt site, the partners are already taking digitalisation to the next level with the Cargo Community System and its comprehensive database.

Gladiator and Schikorr have identified three specific areas in which processes can be further streamlined and optimised, including customs requirements, which can be even more conveniently implemented, the digitalisation process for land pick-ups and deliveries is to be further developed and e-commerce functionalities are to be automated to an even greater extent.

The partners say cargo handling agents, freight forwarders, trucking companies and customers will all be able to benefit from a digital infrastructure – a “core” element of modern processes – which is taking the industry a “step further”.

They stated that allivate will ensure efficiency, reliability and predictability for all parties, and allow them to be more connected with each other.

Further, the platform aims to pave the way for standardisation, breakdown “company borders” and improve transparency. This will help drive cargo traffic, the partnering companies said.

Image credit(s): Frankfurt Airport