Freight Forwarders

Forto partners with Cozero to upgrade its emission insights

Forto, the first European digital freight forwarder, today announces a partnership with Cozero to measure its greenhouse gas emissions in its 21 locations across Asia and Europe.

By creating full transparency on Forto’s emissions, Cozero informs important company level decisions such as travel and procurement policies, office and IT infrastructure, and logistics offering.

Looking ahead, this partnership will enable Forto to track progress against its science-based targets and  take concrete action to meet them.

Cozero’s approach is comprehensive, granular, and transparent. It includes numerous up-to-date emission factors – such as building and transport energy use, purchased goods and services, and server usage – to understand which activities produce the most emissions. Cozero’s extensive in-platform guidance empowers companies to manage their own decarbonization journey.

The quality and transparency of emission data and the platform’s outstanding user experience earned Cozero the German Sustainability Award in November 2022.

“It is a pleasure to work with a company that has put sustainability at the core of what it does and that has been measuring and managing its greenhouse gas emissions since day one” said Helen Tacke, founder and CEO of Cozero.

“Together, we will both implement data-driven accounting of emissions and work on achieving Forto’s science-based targets.

“Forto is leading by example in an industry that dramatically needs to evolve and we look forward to building innovative software solutions that drive decarbonization across the whole logistics value chain.”

“It is important to work with partners who share our mindset of constantly questioning the status quo to improve the way we operate,” Pia Schwanenberg, Senior Sustainability Manager at Forto.

“This is what we owe our customers who measure their emissions, offset, and use biofuel to ship with us.

“We have been impressed by the quality of Cozero’s data and their willingness to go above and beyond to explain the methodology behind their calculations.

“We strongly share Cozero’s emphasis on partnership and value their focus on transparency. Both enable us to take informed decisions today to achieve necessary emission reduction tomorrow.”