Flying safe with WestJet Cargo

WestJet Cargo has extended its product portfolio and premiered a comprehensive solution for the transport of high value cargo, be it banknotes, jewellery, precious metals and stones, or other highly valuable goods.

“Our commitment to excellence extends to every area of our business, from network to operations to anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers,” says Kirsten de Bruijn, Executive Vice-President, Cargo at WestJet.

“The trust and market demand that our dedicated cargo operations have garnered in just half a year, have also led to increasing demand for a dedicated valuables product.

“We have therefore been hard at work establishing our very own WestJet to both operationally safeguard those high value shipments entrusted to us, and commercially ensure that we always deliver on our promises.”

The product caters to a diverse range of sectors requiring secure and specialized handling of their valuable cargo, and was developed in close collaboration with freight forwarders focused on the secure cargo transportation of these high value goods, from banking to luxury goods, high-end technology, pharmaceuticals, and confidential document transport.

Nawal Mir, Product Manager at WestJet Cargo, explains, “Our product has been meticulously designed with the utmost emphasis on security and efficiency.

“Every step of the valuable handling process has been painstakingly analysed, potential risks identified and measures implemented to mitigate them.”

Those dedicated security measures put in place to prevent tampering, pilferage, and unauthorized access, include third-party oversight, direct supervision, secure storage protocols, and the use of specialised security containers.

Each container bears a unique serial number and is sealed with high-quality, individually numbered metal seals. All valuable cargo is escorted by security agents and transported separately to and from the aircraft.

“All hands on deck, all eyes on the ball, and absolutely no loopholes allowed. We’ve created a true ‘Freight Knox’ service at four of our stations and will roll it out to other destinations as soon as we are certain they are ready and capable of delivery,” Nawal Mir concludes.