Finnair Cargo Traffic Performance in July 2022

Despite the Russian airspace closure, Finnair’ cargo figures improved year-on-year and remained close to June 2022 figures in July.

Available scheduled cargo tonne kilometres increased by 96.0% year-on-year (increased by 4.0% month-on-month) and revenue scheduled cargo tonne kilometres increased by 56.8% (decreased by 1.6% month-on-month), both due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on scheduled flights in July 2021.

Cargo-related available tonne kilometres increased by 43.8% year-on-year (increased by 4.2% month-on-month) and revenue tonne kilometres increased by 10.6% (decreased by 1.2% month-on-month).

These figures also include the cargo-only flights which were, however, almost entirely replaced by scheduled passenger flights carrying cargo in July.

Strong demand for cargo capacity continued in July as the total cargo tonnes increased by 33.8% year-on-year (decreased by 1.7% month-on-month).

In July, 75.2% of all Finnair flights arrived on schedule (90.8%).

On-time performance decreased year-on-year and was impacted by various capacity challenges in the European aviation system.

Finnair’s Helsinki hub is functioning well, however, and Finnair’s relative on-time performance was good.

Cargo traffic
Europe tonnes2,013.2760.612,462.6877.4
North Atlantic tonnes2,716.1127.020,518.6775.1
Asia tonnes4,356.525.531,583.779.2
Domestic tonnes25.7-2.3200.76.8
Cargo scheduled traffic total tonnes9,111.584.964,765.6202.2
Cargo flights tonnes**135.4-93.28,826.7-65.8
Cargo Traffic tonnes total9,246.833.873,592.355.8
Available tonne kilometres* mill94.543.8774.680.3
Revenue tonne kilometres mill57.010.6485.939.2
Available sched. cargo tonne kms* mill93.296.0687.6260.7
Revenue sched. cargo tonne kms mill56.156.8419.0173.0
Cargo load factor* %60.4-18.2p62.7-18.6p
– North-Atlantic cargo load factor* %51.5-14.6p59.1-12.0p
– Asia cargo load factor* %79.3-6.5p71.3-14.7p
Scheduled traffic cargo load factor* %60.2-15.1p60.9-19.6p