FarCargo to transport Bakkafrost salmon shipments from the Faroe Islands to US

FarCargo P/F, a Bakkafrost subsidiary, has closed a deal to purchase a Boeing 757-200 aircraft, a 47-meter plane with a flight range of 7,000 kilometers, able to carry some 35 tonnes of cargo.

The maiden trip is planned to take place in two to three months. Initially, the plane will fly between Vágar, the Faroe Islands and New York, US.

Birgir Nielsen, CEO at FarCargo, said: “This is a great day for us.

“We’re pleased to have reached this point and are now looking forward to commencing actual operations.

“This is also an old dream that is now coming true, in particular for initiators Heðin Krett, Hans Meinhard á Høgabóli, and Andrew Djurhuus”.

For the last 12 months, preparations have been made for the launch of the airline, and in particular, finding the right aircraft has been challenging as well as getting all the necessary permits and generally sorting out practicalities.

FarCargo has partnered with Swedish-based company West Atlantic to administrate all flight permits. FarCargo plans to take over all administration of permits and flight services in a few years. At first, 10 crew members are recruited and employed permanently by the company.

Regin Jacobsen, CEO at Bakkafrost, said: “This is a new chapter in Faroese trade history.

“The aim is to deliver fresh high-quality salmon both in the USA, Israel and other remote markets a mere day after the fish swims in Faroese fjords.

“We believe this will significantly strengthen our competitiveness. Customers, both in Israel and the American sushi market, demand fresh products and with this much shorter route, we will provide our customers with the freshest product on the market.

“For many years, we have aimed to make progress in the American market, and along with our US processing plant in New Jersey, this initiative will provide us with the opportunity to provide the customers with the best service possible.

“Compared to the current transportation routes through various airfields in Europe, the new route will ensure prolonged shelf-life due to shortened transportation, an unbroken cooling chain and reduction in GHG emissions.”

FarCargo will offer both Faroese and international businesses to buy cargo space on board the plane.

The company hopes the Faroese market will benefit from the new direct route, and that this will provide new opportunities in the Faroe Islands.

Anker Eli Petersen, a renowned Faroese artist, designed the livery of the FarCargo aircraft.