Cool Chain

Envirotainer invests in new testing chambers to drive innovation

Envirotainer, the specialist in temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments, has announced significant enhancements to its testing capabilities, with the addition of three new testing chambers.

With the capability to test a wider range of temperatures and humidity, as well as an EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) chamber, Envirotainer is leading the industry in innovation, regulatory compliance and product protection.

Envirotainer’s testing facility in Rosersberg, just north of Stockholm, now features six advanced chambers.

These include four medium-sized chambers, one large chamber that handles temperatures from -40°C to +60°C, and one small chamber for freezing conditions down to -70°C.

These chambers allow rigorous testing of container performance in various environments.

This enables the safe delivery of even the most temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals across difficult, long-distance routes and diverse climates, ensuring more patients can receive essential medications.

In addition to climate testing, Envirotainer has invested in an EMC chamber to verify that its containers continue to meet stringent electromagnetic compatibility standards.

The company can currently certify emissions for its containers below one gigahertz, which speeds up the approval process and benefits customers with faster delivery of compliant solutions.

Future plans include investment to enhance testing capabilities up to 6 GHz and potentially assess how radiation affects packaging solutions.

Camilla Engbrink, Chief Technology Officer at Envirotainer said: “These advancements mean our customers can transport their sensitive pharmaceuticals with greater confidence.

“Our enhanced testing capabilities allow us to simulate extreme conditions, ensuring that our containers perform reliably no matter where they are shipped.

“This translates to fewer risks and more consistent protection for valuable medical products, ultimately helping to safeguard patient health”.