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ECS Group’s Squair: One million AWBs and Growing

ECS Group

Last month, ECS Group’s Squair team verified its one millionth AWB since VERIFY operations first began in March 2020.

Squair offers a crucial and unique back-office service to airlines and GSAs, enabling them to concentrate fully on tasks of higher value for customers.

The speed of industry adoption is fanning further expansion.

Outsourcing necessary but labour-intensive and non-revenue-generating process steps provides GSAs and airlines the freedom to focus completely on front-end customer service, ultimately increasing overall customer satisfaction and benefitting business operations.

Squair’s VERIFY offers AWB verification and data capture service as a stand-alone Ability.

The teams process AWBs completely digitally, following up on billing queries where required, and consolidate and check cargo sales reports.

This centralized process optimization means lower operational costs for customers, and results in fewer Charges Correction Advices (CCA) and disputes.

ECS Group is the sole GSSA to offer this as a stand-alone service, which has rapidly gained traction in an air cargo industry otherwise faced with long-term resource challenges.

KPIs Prove Work Weight-Load Shift

Dimitri Arnaudin, Managing Director at Squair says: “When Squair’s VERIFY product was launched in 2020, around 50,000 AWBs were processed in the first year. Today, our team handles that same amount in just a single month.

“36 international clients located across America, Europe, Asia and Oceania now benefit from the expertise and reliability of our service, and our KPIs clearly show the weight of workload that no longer rests on their shoulders.”

Those KPIs reveal that 95% of all AWBs are processed autonomously. Less than 5% of the AWBs verified generate the request for clarification from Squair’s customers so that data capture can be completed, and less than 1% of AWB verifications result in a CCA and change in invoice to customers, proving an overall reliability of more than 99%.

Adrien Thominet, Executive Chairman of ECS Group, explains “Squair’s growth strategy is fine-tuned to ensure continued consistent compliance with our customers’ SLAs. We currently operate out of 2 centres: one in Europe, one in Asia.

“Within weeks of inaugurating our India office last year, we began services in APAC, marking our first step in the region.

“Since then, we have attracted more data capture activities for this region, including Japan in July 2023, and Australia and New Zealand in December – all adding to our solid customer base in Western Europe and Northern America.”