Digital Cargo specialist Sara Van Gelder joins Data Sharing Platform Nallian

Nallian, the leading cloud-based data sharing platform that is earning high marks in air cargo, today announced that Brussels Airport’s Cargo Digital Development ManagerSara Van Gelder will be joining the team as of August 1.

Within BRUcargo, Sara was instrumental in driving forward BRUcloud, the award-winning cargo cloud initiative of Brussels Airport and the local cargo community. Not only did BRUcloud transform the collaborative processes of the local cargo stakeholders and the airport, it served as inspiration for many airports around the globe that are serious about cargo. Underlying BRUcloud runs Nallian’s Data Sharing platform for Air Cargo Communities, in short the Cargo Cloud.

Besides BRUcargo, fast growing Nallian is rolling out the Cargo Cloud in airports across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, including forward thinking airports such as Liege Airport, Luxembourg Airport, Vienna Airport, London Heathrow and Dallas Fort-Worth. Sara will be using her deep expertise to help these and future airport communities to get quick and maximum value from these initiatives. 

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO at Nallian: “We are so thrilled to welcome Sara in the team. We look very much forward to leveraging Sara’s drive and deep expertise. Not only to help our clients, but also to help drive forward Nallian’s product portfolio so that it becomes even more the leading platform of choice for airport cargo communities. In the end, we want to continue to bring the best possible cargo cloud to the market, as seen from the perspective of cargo communities, airports and shippers.”

“I am more than just excited to join the Nallian family”, says Sara Van Gelder. “As many of you know, I consider BRUcloud as my child. My dream is to see airport cargo communities around the globe adopt similar digital initiatives, so that one day, air cargo can not just claim back the position it deserves, but also cope with growth without having to double physical infrastructure. That day, air cargo will be operating truly as one. And I believe that the best possible place for me to have the broadest possible impact  on realising this dream is with Nallian.”