DHL Express and Singapore Airlines adds fifth additional freighter

In a strategic collaboration initiated in March 2022, DHL Express and Singapore Airlines (SIA) have successfully deployed the fifth and final Boeing 777 freighter, marking the completion of a significant tie-up aimed at enhancing cargo operations between Asia and the Americas.

The newly deployed Boeing 777 freighter, boasting a substantial payload capacity of 102 tons, will be stationed in Singapore.

Its primary role is to augment capacity on routes connecting Asia and the Americas, contributing to the overall efficiency of the logistics network.

In total, the fleet of five 777Fs will collectively operate 12 flights per week, with each aircraft capable of carrying an impressive payload of 1,224 tons weekly.

This move is expected to bolster the seamless flow of cargo between key locations in Asia and the Americas.

With the addition of the final aircraft, three of the five freighters will operate along the Singapore-Bangkok/Taipei-Incheon/Nagoya-Cincinnati-Honolulu-Sydney-Singapore route, conducting seven flights per week.

The remaining two will cover the Singapore-Nagoya-Los Angeles-Honolulu-Singapore route, operating five flights per week.

Ken Lee, the Chief Executive for Asia Pacific at DHL Express, highlighted the economic significance of both Asia and the US, describing them as major trade powerhouses with robust cross-border e-commerce and trade activities.

Lee emphasized the sustained demand for shipments between these two regions, with a notable 20% increase in shipment volume between Asia Pacific (excluding China) and the US over the past four years.

The agreement signed in March 2022 outlined that Singapore Airlines would operate and oversee the maintenance of the five 777 freighters deployed at the South Asia Hub.

Initially set for a four-year term, the deal includes an option for extension. The first freighter of the five was delivered in August 2022.