Cargo Handling

DHL Aviation renews warehouse handling contract with WFS in France

DHL Aviation is partnering with WFS for warehouse handling at airport stations across France

DHL Aviation has signed a new multi-year contract with Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), a member of the SATS Group, to manage freight at its airport stations in France.

This renewed partnership extends the two companies’ 14-year relationship in France and demonstrates DHL’s continued confidence in WFS.

In addition, WFS manages onboard truck freight services for the CDG HUB from Leipzig and Brussels, as well as freight reception points for DHL Aviation throughout France, including Orly, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Basle-Mulhouse and Nice.

Laurent Bernard, VP Cargo France at WFS, explains: “DHL is a significant customer of WFS in Paris and across our network in France.

“We have a strong partnership and this extension to our warehouse contract clearly shows our service performance satisfies DHL’s high standards.

“Maintaining this contract is very important to our business in France and helps to demonstrate WFS’ capabilities to DHL for wider partnership growth across our global network in the future.”

Filippo Capogreco, VP DHL Aviation, added: “We are proud to give continuity to an operational and business partnership that has worked well for years and with mutual satisfaction.

“We would like to thank John Batten (CEO EMEAA at WFS) and his entire workgroup of professionals for the quality work done so far and even more for the better work we will do in the future”.