Delta Cargo to extend Bluetooth tracking to off-airport customer facilites

Delta Cargo will soon be extending Bluetooth tracking to cargo businesses based off airport following on from the announcement earlier in the year it will be providing real-time tracking for unit load devices (ULDs).

This will enable customers to have end-to-end tracking of the ULDs starting in their own warehouses throughout the journey to the final destination.

This new service provides a number of customer benefits by eliminating all paperwork at the dock door when units are loaned out and producing a digital uniform control receipt (UCR) which is emailed directly to the shipper.  In addition, customers will receive customised push notifications with full tracking available on in 2019.

Delta’s vice president cargo, Shawn Cole said: “The extension of the tracking technology directly to our customers’ facilities will ensure visibility for the whole freight journey, creating a best-in-class shipping experience.

“This is a genuine innovation, and we are on track to launch in January 2019, with full visibility on later that year, once the customer installations are complete.”

Delta is one of the first major airlines to test Bluetooth tracking technology and since March 2018 has deployed readers at 80 Delta and partner airline warehouse locations across six continents, including all US hubs and major trucking stations with 70 locations remaining.

Nearly 40 per cent of the ULD fleet has been tagged with Bluetooth asset trackers. By January 2019 the tracking system will be available on nearly all of Delta’s ULDs with customer reader installations anticipated to be completed soon after that.

Real-time ULD tracking information will allow Delta’s Cargo Control Center to more accurately monitor and reroute shipments that are delayed due to irregular operations, like inclement weather.