Cargo Handling

Challenge Handling announces major developments for 2024

Challenge Handling has forecast handling 320,000 tonnes of cargo, marking a significant leap forward in its operations.

Challenge also announced strategic collaborations with partners, including MSC Air Cargo, Georgian Airlines and Coyne Airways, in addition to its longstanding partnerships with Network Airline Services, Magma and Eurocargo.

Additionally, Challenge Handling is set to support Challenge Group’s expanding fleet which will include four new freighters.

Challenge Handling is also actively seeking third-party customers to benefit from its integrated and tailored air cargo handling solutions.

David Alexis, General Manager of Challenge Handling “Positioned at the forefront of Europe’s logistical landscape, Challenge Handling embodies cutting-edge infrastructure.

“In the upcoming year, 2024, we anticipate reaching new heights as we project a historic milestone in cargo handling and forge strategic partnerships.

“As we make substantial investments to better serve our customers, we solidify our position as the go-to GHA in and out of Europe”.