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CEVA Logistics celebrates Prologis PARKlife initiative in Italy

CEVA Logistics is celebrating a premiere today at its Somaglia site, a logistics park transformed into an open-air, urban art gallery.

As part of the Prologis PARKlife initiative, eight internationally renowned Italian urban artists used 40,000 square meters of building facades and water tanks as canvases to create works of art inspired by a series of keywords, including innovation, future, diversity and inclusion, integrity, passion and sustainability.

Starting in September, guided tours will be open to the public, available by reservation free of charge. PARKlife represents a paradigm shift in the development of logistics parks.

With PARKlife, the site is transforming into a small urban center, where it will be possible to find a series of benefits to enrich the working day, including public transport, general services, activities and open space for free time.

The PARKlife initiative considers additional elements within the space, including sustainability, usability and livability.

Completion of the project is expected in September 2021.

Says Christophe Boustouller, managing director, Italy, CEVA Logistics: “The PARKlife initiative is a perfect example of our commitment to our employees as they work to deliver responsive logistics solutions for our customers.

“People are key to our business, and at CEVA, we want to create an environment where our employees can thrive.

“Today’s artistic unveiling is an important step in supporting current employees and attracting new ones to the industry.”