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CEVA forms alliance for foreign trade zone with IMS Worldwide

CEVA Global Logistics (CEVA) and IMS Worldwide (IMSW) have entered into a strategic alliance to offer the benefits of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) services to customers in the US.

The logistics firm said the partnership’s focus is the development of a “sophisticated Zone Managed Services offering that is rooted in compliance, efficiency and experience”.

CEVA and IMSW say the alliance can offer customers the ability to integrate certain activities into FTZ environments and therefore achieve “improved efficiency and substantial savings” in terms of duties or import fee reductions as well as cash flow improvements through reductions in working capital.

The combined collaborative alliance with CEVA and IMSW, a leader in the FTZ consulting and operations in the US, allows CEVA to enhance, grow and expand their current FTZ offerings to all of their ocean and air gateways in North America as well as utilise their extensive contract logistics expertise and footprint to offer further benefits to their customers within the FTZ.

CEVA’s chief operating officer for global freight management, Jerome Lorrain said: “Our continuing effort to streamline our customers’ supply chains, squeezing every bit of costs out of the logistics process, is greatly aided by this alliance with IMSW, which is considered one of the top FTZ experts in the country.

“We have worked with them for over 12 years now, and a stronger, more integrated approach is going to be a great addition to our import and contract logistics operations.”

IMSW senior vice president, Trey Boring,and past Chairman of the NAFTZ Association, which represents the FTZ industry added: “We are excited about this Alliance as IMSW has been looking for the right partner to grow our current Managed Services business, and CEVA has great reach into Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America. Together we feel this combination is second to none in the industry.”

In addition to offering FTZ services, CEVA’s said the strategic partnership with IMSW allows this alliance to offer cutting edge e-commerce solutions and further expand the footprint in air cargo forwarding.