Cathay Pacific Cargo launches a new online booking platform “Easy Booking”

Cathay Pacific Cargo launched a brand-new electronic booking platform “Easy Booking” this month, and will gradually expand its network of freight routes around the world. 

“Easy Booking” operates around the clock and promises to provide customers with highly transparent and convenient services. 

The booking interface of this platform is simple and easy to use. It only takes three steps to check prices and availability, make real-time reservations, and confirm seats.

The digital and automated operation model is the vision of Cathay Pacific Cargo to become a global passenger-first air freight service brand. 

“Easy Booking” is the latest result of the company’s active pursuit of digital transformation.

Ou Yongtang, Director of Cathay Pacific Cargo, said: “Customers have always reported to us that they hope to be able to book space in a more convenient and efficient way at any time.

“We listened humbly and decided to gradually launch the “Easy Booking” online booking service.

“Our goal is to Next year , more information will be provided on and , so that Cathay Pacific cargo customers from all over the world can check real-time flight schedules, space availability, space allocation and latest prices.”

In the past 20 years, the air transport industry has still relied on manual handling of the freight process, and customers have to wait for email confirmation when booking freight services. 

Ou Yongtang added: “Easy Booking is designed to change the industry’s booking experience.

“It imitates the steps of passengers booking tickets online, so that customers can use the same simple and fast interface as passenger transportation when booking.

“This platform also Allow customers to check our cabin and price information, so registered freight forwarders can also book freight services and receive automatic confirmation notifications at any time.”

In the initial stage of its launch, the “Easy Booking” online booking service is only available to registered customers.

The purpose of establishing this digital platform is to allow other users to check the price of Cathay Pacific Cargo through a third-party platform, so that we can transition to dynamics in the future. 

Ou Yongtang pointed out: “The online booking service of “Booking Easy” reflects our vision, the company’s commitment to developing digital technology, and its determination to become the world’s passenger-first air cargo service brand.

“We hope to use this platform and others. Innovative technology to provide business partners with more flexible and efficient services.”