Cargo Handling

Cathay Pacific and va-Q-tec ink container agreement

Cathay Pacific Cargo has signed a new partnership with va-Q-tec to rent temperature controlled containers for use across its global network.

The carrier said va-Q-tec’s advanced passive thermal containers, which are designed to maintain a constant temperature during transportation for more than five days, will be a strong addition to its Pharma LIFT portfolio by providing customers with an “excellent solution for moving life-saving pharmaceuticals”.

Cathay Pacific Cargo, was the first Hong Kong airline to be awarded IATA’s CEIV Pharma Certification, and said it is “committed to transporting high-value, time-sensitive and temperature-controlled pharmaceutical products with speed, consistency and efficiency”.

Cathay Pacific general manager for cargo service delivery, Frosti Lau said: “We are delighted to partner with va-Q-tec in offering an innovative passive solution directly to our customers.

“These advanced passive thermal containers can offer steady temperature-controlled conditions for several days without requiring external energy sources. Coupled with Cathay Pacific Cargo’s extensive network, we are confident the containers will benefit our customers aroundthe world.”

Va-Q-tec’s head of business development in Asia, In Sook Yoo added: “The pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly worldwide. Thanks to the new collaboration, innumerable customers can lease va-Q-tec’s reliable containers directly from Cathay Pacific Cargo.”

The thermal containers are available in five different sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside, and in six different temperature ranges, from -60°C to +25°C. They guarantee safe temperature-controlled transportation for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical sectors.

The company has established subsidiaries in South Korea and Japan, amongst other countries and operates several container network stations.