Caribbean Airlines Cargo adopts CHAMP’s Cargospot Mobile and Cargospot Quotes

image credit: Caribbean Airlines Cargo

CHAMP Cargosystems and Caribbean Airlines Cargo have signed multi-year contracts that will see the airline’s cargo division receive both Cargospot Mobile and Cargospot Quotes.

The expanded partnership will equip the airline’s cargo division with an even more comprehensive CHAMP Cargosystems toolkit, solidifying Caribbean Airlines Cargo’s position as a regional leader in digital innovation, sustainability and operational efficiency.

Caribbean Airlines Cargo, a trailblazer in air cargo operations since 2007, has long utilized CHAMP’s Cargospot suite to streamline its cargo management processes.

Cargospot Mobile will equip Caribbean Airlines Cargo’s frontline teams with real-time access to critical information and tools, fostering enhanced communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

By leveraging the capabilities of modern smart devices, the solution will optimize warehouse operations and provide customers with unprecedented transparency into the status of their shipments.

The addition of Cargospot Quotes also marks a significant step towards a more efficient and customer-centric quotation process.

This powerful tool streamlines the process of quote creation, authorization, distribution to customer and, upon acceptance, automated conversion of the quote into a confirmed booking.

The adoption of both Cargospot Mobile and Cargospot Quotes will benefit Caribbean Airlines Cargo and its clients by improving its operations, increasing efficiency, digitalization, cost reduction, improve market share whilst preventing revenue leakage and enhanced visibility.

Marklan Mosely, General Manager – Cargo and New Business from Caribbean Airlines Cargo said “As a forward-thinking business, Caribbean Airlines Cargo is keen to adopt these two new products from CHAMP and expand on our existing cargo management solutions.

“Cargospot Mobile and Cargospot Quotes offer seamless connectivity and integration with both internal and external solutions, which makes them the obvious choice to power our operations.”

Tomas Moreira, Head of Sales and Account Management – Americas from CHAMP Cargosystems said “We are proud of our enduring partnership with Caribbean Airlines Cargo and their continued trust in our innovative software solutions.

“The adoption of Cargospot Mobile and Cargospot Quotes is a testament to their commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

“We look forward to supporting their continued success in the years to come.”