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Cargologic revolutionizes operations with CHAMP’s Cargospot Mobile

Cargologic continues its long-standing partnership with CHAMP Cargosystems, enhancing its services through the implementation of Cargospot Mobile after moving to a SaaS-based systems for its cargo management services, Cargospot Handling.

Cargospot Mobile puts its Cargospot Handling solution in the hands of anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Adopting this service will allow Cargologic to simplify its warehouse data capture through touch, swipe, and drag-and-drop actions, automated validation of user actions for reduced errors and instant feedback.

This service is only available to customers benefiting from CHAMP’s latest technologies via its cloud-based services.

With its cloud-based systems, Cargologic will provide users with a wealth of features including the latest Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and easy integration of third-party solutions.

“At Cargologic, it is vital that we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Juerg Zimmermann, EVP Operations at Cargologic.

“As a long-term partner, CHAMP expertly guided us through the implementation process and helped us transform our operation.

“We look forward to utilizing future CHAMP innovations as to further automate our operations and increase our customer intimacy.”

“We are thrilled to be furthering our partnership with Cargologic,” says Nicholas Xenocostas, Chief Commercial Officer at CHAMP Cargosystems.

“Providing solutions that can scale up as swiftly as our client’s needs is something that is essential to CHAMP and the services we provide.

“With their new digital upgrade, Cargologic will benefit from increased speed and reduced manpower, whilst minimizing the need for expensive equipment and extensive training sessions.”