Cargojet Renews UPS Canada Air Cargo Services Agreement

Cargojet announced today they have renewed and extended their Air Cargo Services Agreement with United Parcel Service Canada Ltd. for an additional five-year Term.

The current agreement was due to expire on July 1, 2025 and the new Agreement is extended to December 31, 2030.

Cargojet continues to provide a comprehensive Canada-wide air cargo service for UPS.

Cargojet’s domestic overnight network provides additional capacity and long-term stability to UPS.

“Cargojet is extremely pleased to have successfully renewed the domestic Air Cargo Services Agreement with UPS Canada,” said Dr. Ajay Virmani CEO of Cargojet.

“Cargojet has been the exclusive provider of time-sensitive domestic overnight air cargo services to UPS Canada since 2003.  We will continue to provide the most cost-effective, best on-time performance as well as a scalable solution to UPS.

“The renewal of the agreement is a testament to the committed, hardworking, and dedicated team of professionals at Cargojet.

“Cargojet continues to value our partnership with UPS will work together to provide Canadians with world-class and flexible air cargo services in today’s changing business environment, “added Dr. Virmani.